Patient Stories

Total Knee Replacement – Stephanie, 57


My name is Stephanie Woods. I am fifty-seven years old. I am married with children and grandchildren. In September of 2010, I had a total knee replacement. By May of 2011, infection set in my left knee causing excruciating pain. The doctor who did my knee replacement opened up the knee saw that the plastic component in the knee was infected. The doctor removed the plastic component, irrigated my knee (which means washing the knee out) and put a new plastic component in. IV antibiotics and therapy did not work. I began to decline, my mobility was compromised. Just doing daily day to day things became a chore. This went on for several months. By November of 2011, I was fit to be tied and depressed. My husband, an emotional wreck, seeing his wife getting worse and unable to help. My knee was swelling at a rapid rate. All this time, I was still on IV antibiotics and still trying to do therapy as the doctor recommended. Finally, in late November, I could no longer take it. The doctor drained my knee and said, "This would make it better." After a year of being in pain, I was willing to try. Did it work?

This would not be titled a Journ-Knee if it did! No, it did not work. It eased up a little and came back with a vengeance. Dr. Frederick Littles, a church member, saw me hobbling in pain and asked me have you thought about getting a second opinion? Ask your doctor about this, so I did. After all, it was now January 2012 and something needed to be done. I could no longer bear the pain. So my husband and I went back to the doctor hoping to find resolution and get results. The doctor referred me to another surgeon for second opinion. Guess what? I couldn't get in to see the doctor until September 2012. Are you kidding me??? Nope! I am dead serious. Pain and swelling became progressive and by now depressingly unbearable. Dr. Littles' approached me again and said you cannot continue on like this. I told Dr. Littles I cannot get in to see this other doctor until September 2012.

"Ridiculous!" my church member, Dr. Frederick Littles, replied. "Would you accept a recommendation from me?" Finally I said, "Okay what have I got to lose?" Dr. Frederick Littles said, "Your leg!"

So I took the recommendation, called Doctor Jeffrey DeClaire's office in February. On the 5th of February, I was in his office getting ex-rays. His staff was so sympathetic to my plight, my pain. The ex-rays showed the infection was spreading at a rapid rate to my muscle, bone, and tissue. Dr. De Claire informed me and my husband the replacement knee must come out. His treatment was to take everything out. Treat the infection by putting in an antibiotic spacer for several weeks. Dr. De Claire performed this procedure February 15, 2012. Just like he said for eight weeks, I had this antibiotic spacer in. On April 9, 2012, I was admitted into the hospital for the removal of the spacer and if everything was okay, no infection detected I would have a new left knee replacement.

Did it work? You tell me, I recently rode on the back of our Goldwing Trike to Texas for vacation, I've started back bowling on several bowling leagues, and I have resumed my duties at my church on the Nurse's Guild. Thank you, Doctor Jeffrey De Claire and staff for everything. Thank you for helping me get my life back. A new Journ-Knee has begun for me!

Total Knee Replacement – MaryAnn, 68

MaryAnn (TNR) MaryAnn

Mary vacationed in Alaska 8 months after her total knee replacement. The "Natural Habitat Adventure" brought her to the playground of wild grizzly bears, where she had the opportunity to photograph and actually touch the bears.

She arrived at her destination at Kodiak Island, between the Golf of Alaska and Bering Strait, by the Discovery Cahnnel’s original "Time Bandit" king crab fishing ship. Most recently, Mary also visited South Georgia Island, Anarctica on a "walk with the penguins" trip with scientists.

Betsey – Spinal Fusion – Dr. LaMacchia

Knee Arthroscopy - Paul, 62


Paul went on a South American hiking trip following a left knee arthroscopy.

Total Knee Replacement - Frances, 61


Mountains come calling and I wasn't about to say no. In May 2008 I had Dr. DeClaire do a left total knee replacement. 10 weeks after I was doing day hikes – no pack with a walking stick. My husband and I explored glacier boulders and sought out wild life. The freedom and lack of pain was great. Thank you Dr. DeClaire and the PT Team

Simultaneous, Bilateral Total Knee Replacement – John, 73


"After 12 years of increasing knee pain … I watched two impressive online videos of the doctor’s actual knee operations … I was scheduled for simultaneous complete replacement of both knees. Surgery went like clockwork…. My surgery and recovery have been easier than my friends had told me they would be. And not only am I now pain free, my legs are again as straight as they were in my 20s."

Total Knee Replacement – Barbara, 69

"I am completely satisfied with my knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. DeClaire… Dr. DeClaire thoroughly explained (in layman terms) the surgical corrective procedures to be followed. Following surgery, I carefully followed Dr. DeClaire's physical therapy rehabilitation recommendations. After a few months, I was able to do a variety of activities without pain or restriction. These include stair climbing, walking, use of an elliptical exercise machine, and snowmobiling; then, as spring arrived, I included bike riding, kayaking, gardening, etc. I feel great! Thank you, Dr. DeClaire!"

Car Accident Victim, Herniated Disc – Jackie

Bilateral Unicompartmental Knee Replacement – Charles, 64

"Dr. DeClaire is a pioneer in the field of MIS of the knee…Dr. DeClaire gave me my life back; I was back working out at Lifetime Fitness 12 days following my surgery.

Many thanks to Dr. DeClaire and his highly skilled team at the institute for all the great work they do."

Staged, Bilateral Total Knee Replacement – Vince, 58


"I'm able to do every aspect of my trade, crown molding, up and down ladders, and kneeling with my knees. My experience with my knees has exceeded my expectations, and having Dr. DeClaire's team from start to physical therapy finish is a rewarding gift. Many thanks still."

Simultaneous, Bilateral Total Knee Replacement – Kathleen, 55


"I couldn't be happier with the total experience of my bilateral knee surgery. Dr. DeClaire has always given me the time needed to have questions or concerns answered. I had surgery on a Monday afternoon and went home three days later with a walker. The end result is that my new knees allow me to maintain an active lifestyle of 4-5 day bike trips, mountain climbing, and kayaking."

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement – Michael, 55


"At age 55, I had knee replacement surgery. My biggest concern was the ability to continue to play hockey… I was back on the ice in less than three months, and playing in league games again within four months from surgery. Rollerblading and biking are also pain free now. His state of the art approach immediately convinced me… I would highly recommend Dr. DeClaire for anyone considering knee replacement surgery."

Total Knee Revision Surgery – Shirley, 74

"I already had a total joint replacement when I heard of Dr. DeClaire. This past fall I had a revision of my first total knee replacement, it is working great! I can't sing enough praise about the DeClaire Institute. I am your best advertisement."