Mymobility™ Clinical Study

Mymobility™ Clinical Study

Dr. DeClaire is excited to be part of one of the ten group orthopedic practices in the US chosen for the Zimmer Biomet mymobility™ clinical study.

A free Apple watch will be given to each qualified participant. The watch will use an app to connect patients with their doctor to optimize patient outcomes after a knee or hip replacement surgery, the two most common joint replacement surgeries in the US.

During the study, patients will use mymobility™ with Apple watch as a companion all through their surgical journey. Researchers will combine the continuous health and activity data from the Apple watch with patient-reported feedback to guide patients through pre and post-operative care and gain new insights that may affect the standard of care for these common surgeries.

Adult patients scheduled for a total or partial knee replacement or total hip replacement at an approved clinical study site may be considered for enrolment in the mymobility™ clinical study and will be given a Zimmer Biomet device as part of their clinical care. A diagnosis of osteoarthritis is the other inclusion criteria.

Click here to enroll for the Zimmer Biomet mymobility™ clinical study.